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Banner Advertising Options



Reach a UK audience of millions and enjoy rates of up to 98% discount.


This form of advertising takes advantage of the very best late rate deals available from unsold banner inventory on premium quality websites.

Our standard package often generates response levels of 3,000 visitors or more.



YOU choose where to advertise from our extensive network of sites.  


Find a site which promotes similar products or services, a brand that has a similar attributes, or an audience that shares the same demographic.  


Over 50 of the top UK websites are available to choose from, so there’s something to suit every business.



Banner ads that are ‘in context’ with the editorial content on the page that is being viewed.


Contextual targeting means ads are highly relevant to the audience; resulting in higher click-throughs and conversion rates.  


It is proven to generate nearly three times more revenue than a non-targeted campaign.


**Recommended add-on regardless of advertising option**


Banners displayed to web users FOLLOWING a previous click-thru to the advertiser’s website AFTER an interest in the product or service has been made by the user. 

It's successful because the more a user sees an ad, the chance of converting a sale becomes higher. 


If your customer base leans towards an age range, gender or specific location then demographic and/or geographic targeting will display your ads to the group most likely to be interested in your business.

If your customers are mainly 35+ due to the product profile or cost, then advertising to the18-24 year old market, who are less likely to purchase, is not the best use of the budget and therefore this group can be excluded.

For many websites, geography is a key variable and targeting Internet users in a specific geographical location is essential for driving potential customers to a physical store, be in front of an audience who requires a local service.  


Significantly reduce ad competition and benefit from click-thru rates of up to 30%.

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