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Keyword-contextual advertising

Place banner ads on websites perfect for your market. 

You choose the keywords and our platform finds the content.

The potential to almost triple your click-through rate

Benefits of keyword-contextual advertising


It allows you to place banner ads on websites whose content is relevant to the your market.


Simply choose a list of keywords which best describe phrases or words important to what you do. There is no limit to the number of keywords you can have, from half a dozen to several hundred.


Our advertising platform is able to identify web pages which contain those keywords.


It means you’ll be running banners to individuals when they are reading content related to your market.


The result, individuals will be far more receptive to your advertising message and the campaign will have a very high click-though rate. According to research 2.7 times higher than standard click-through rates.

How Does It Work?



We have a keyword suggester tool to help you decide the best words and phrases for your market. The price remains the same irrespective of the number of keywords and often a longer list will perform better than a shorter one.


This is where one of our talented designers creates various drafts of  suggested layouts for an animated banner. Leaderboards are the most common size, but other formats are available. We only proceed to the next stage when you “sign it off.”



Your banner artwork will be uploaded to our system and the campaign will be started. Campaign lengths vary, but unless you are working to a particular deadline, it will run for a minimum of 28 days.


You’ll receive weekly reports and also a Results Manger will be assigned to make sure the campaign is on track. After the first week we will have a clearer idea about how easy it has been to find web pages covering your keywords and the likely campaign length.

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