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1. Who are / What is Wix?

In 2006, Wix was born on a beach by 3 tech savvy individuals while they were building a website to be the basis of another start-up idea. The trio quickly discovered that creating their own website was difficult, frustrating and very costly. It was this painful experience that led them create the Wix platform.

2.  Who uses Wix?

Small to medium sized companies that don't have the in-house support, time, money or interest in the technical infrastructure of a website


As of 2021 there were 200 million Wix users and is proven to be a mighty platform for owner-managed businesses.

3.  Wix Flexibility


Wix offers rich e-commerce capabilities.

The web store can have multiple pages including product pages, shopping cart, and Thank You page.


Wix also offers customisable storefronts and recurring payment and subscription options, further expanding your money-making possibilities.


There's a detailed product-editing panel, and you can group products by collections, and offer coupons.


Credit card processing options are many and include Stripe, Square, and PayPal.


You can enter shipping and tax rules.


4.  Wix Features

  • Upload single or multiple products

  • Offers useful add-ons such as visitor analytics and revenue reports.

  • You can track orders and manage inventory from desktop or mobile

  • Built-in product video function.

  • Easy to add a zoom feature.

  • Customisable check-out page, which allows you to promote your brand.

  • physical & digital products

  • Features Wix Blog, letting you create and edit blog posts.

  • You can manage comments and share on social media.
    Wix App for mobile allows you to manage your blog on the go.

  • Ecwid app can be added for omnichannel sales via social media, website, marketplaces 

  • Centralised dashboard for inventory or order management.


5.  Rounding Up

If your requirement is a brochure site then Wix is the perfect solution and if it day arrives that you want a shop this can be added without deleting what previously existed.

For an e-commerce platform that is simple to manage once delivered this is an ideal solution


Wix has all the features you’ll need to build your business whether a start-up or medium sized business. As a Certified Wix partner web agency we are here throughout the development journey to the launch of your brochure site or e-commerce store.

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