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Geographic & Demographic Targeting

Market segmentation is important for businesses looking to target specific groups of people with particular characteristics or traits.

Demographic Targeting


Employing this service will display your ads to the group most likely to be interested in your business.

Demographic targeting allows you to segment according to the data that you collect about your contacts.​ Does your customer base lean toward an age range, gender or income? 

If your customers are mainly 35+ females due to the product profile or cost, then including the 18-24 year old sector, inc males, is not the best use of your advertising budget and therefore this group can be excluded.

Demographic Targeting is highly effective when identifying a targeting type.

Geographic Targeting


For many websites, geography is a key variable and targeting internet users in a specific geographical location is essential for attracting potential customers.

You can target according to where your contacts are based or where they work. This can help if you have an offer that is specific to contacts who live in a particular area or who are local to a particular store.


Significantly reduce ad competition and benefit from click rates of up to 30% and be in front of an audience who require or prefer a service local to them.  

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