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Content that packs a punch!

Your site is not only being indexed by search engines but viewed by potential customers. It’s vital that every page is rated correctly by the search engines, simultaneously your content is as targeted and relevant to your users as possible. 

The content optimisation process starts with an in depth look at your website, every word and image is checked. The aim is to ensure that the user finds what they’re looking for as quickly as possible.

Content needs to engage, sell and be useful. Content Optimisation work is driven by what users are seeking online. Google Analytics and other search metrics can provide an indication of what is sought and the best keyphrases to convert website visitors into customers.

After initial analysis we begin with website copywriting. Keywords are identified and built into a framework and we decide where and in what format they should appear on your site. Our web copy is user focussed, engaging and informative but also includes the keywords and included in a way that the search engines like.

We will help to create new website content to attract visitors which they can share and forward to their contacts to entice more visitors. We have blog management experts and infographic specialists to capture attention. We'll work with you to distribute content using guest blogging and develop real and tangible stories for industry journalists and influential tweeters.

Each of these areas of content development are separate elements in the SEO process. The option exists to concentrate on one or two, but ideally you’d develop all aspects of your site.

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