What is 'Ethical SEO' and why bother? 


Ethical SEO, also known as 'White Hat', means that we will improve your website ranking in the organic search results using Google’s recommended techniques.


Tricking the system might achieve short term results but will ultimately be found by Google which could damage your website’s reputation and therefore position. 


Instead, we offer an SEO service which secures the best results through our knowledge and experience of knowing what Google wants and approves of.

SEO - The Reality

  • There is no quick fix or magic wand to be waved and patience will be required.


  • Beware of companies guaranteeing 'page 1' results. These claims are likely to be based on low search volume keywords. You're page 1 because nobody is looking there!

  • Results can vary depending on so many factors: your budget, product/service, industry sector, competition, age of domain, website seo capability, targeted keywords ... etc! 

  • There is no fixed period that can be stated but on average you need 3-6 months to see improvements. 

Sustainable SEO in sync with your business objectives


Comparing SEO today to a few years ago is almost unrecognisable and we’ve gradually moved on from the days when SEO was considered a dark art. The Google algorithm updates titled ‘Penguin’ and ‘Panda’ caused a tidal wave of change and succeeded in bringing order to what was chaotic and fast becoming a rogue industry dominated by quick fixes. 

Although these updates were initially painful to many businesses, 'quality of content' became the guiding principle. However, many businesses were/are left feeling isolated and unsure what work will be penalised and unaware what efforts are going to allow their sites to rank.

As a result, many businesses have not moved with the times out of concern they’ll damage what currently exists.

SEO today needs to be approached not in isolation but as part of your marketing efforts. SEO requires far more work, thought, time and resources than before. Long gone are the days when purchased links made a difference!

SEO is about convincing Google and Bing that your website is the destination for key phrases you’re targeting. Usability and reputation have joined the requirement list, in addition to content optimisation and quality link building

We work closely with you to develop a solid understanding of your business and implement high quality, results orientated SEO strategies that fit with your business and marketing plans.

In summary: your SEO needs to be focussed, directed towards your users and aligned with your marketing. 

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