Local or Regional SEO

Most people and businesses search for services near to them, often out of convenience and reassurance. Local search optimisation raises your website profile in selected areas, resulting in higher local search results and better business opportunities. 

As search engines become increasingly sophisticated they’re predicting a user’s needs and greater importance on returning geographically based results. A request can be very specific and it’s now vital that your business appears where they’re looking.

We have developed an effective Local SEO strategy to help our clients get noticed. The process starts with Google My Business and is essential if you want to target the right people in the right location. We will make sure that people searching for your service in your location will find you.

The next stage is Local Optimisation keyword research. The process combines the areas you operate in and the keywords of your services / products to produce localised keywords. We will list the highest value local keywords needed to drive traffic to your site. Whether you are “Lawyers in London” or a “Exhaust Fitters in Edinburgh”, we will be able to advise.

Link building is an important SEO process and as part of our local SEO task we’ll identify local websites and blogs that would add value to your site. Having a solid local online presence will further register your services and trading areas with search engines and improve your local rankings.