'Little Venice' Backstory to Present Day

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1990 .. What a year .. 'Little Venice' was born.


First office:  kitchen table, landline and a PC.  

We're creative, hard working, small enough to care but big enough to deliver and go the 'extra mile' .. on time, on budget

Based in London (operating perfectly well under 'lockdown') we have worked with clients that span the globe.

2020 web client wins include: New Balance, Claire's, Debenhams, Milano, Payless and Footlocker

We started life as a production company that created TV commercials, idents, promo and corporate videos. A few weeks after launching the business we pitched and won our first client, Guinness GB ... that helped!

Over the next few years we produced many commercials and videos which required elements of animation. This service grew and resulted in being commissioned to produce content for a variety of TV shows, 'Catchphrase' being one.

With the arrival of the web coupled with our experience producing CGI, in 1999 we won our first web client Celador, the production company that created the game show 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' They commissioned us to produce their game show websites and that launched our web service.


Probably the biggest web client moment was pitching for and winning Sir Richard Branson's 'Necker Island' account against their incumbent agency. The win of such a prestigious account was sweet enough, but when we were informed that they needed to send us there for the sole purpose "to experience what was on offer" ... well ... we checked the diaries and funnily enough we were available!

Digital age arrived, tape/film became obsolete, Apple launched Final Cut Pro, video rushes became instant files. Rough cuts could be produced on a Mac, on location, even while filming is taking place and the client can view the same day ... speed + higher resolution, perfect pairing.

We have been fortunate to literally film on location around the globe, above and below water! Today, the world is more accessible than ever before. We embrace the advances in technology and now have a network of validated locally based crew around the world that we can deploy saving fortunes on travel and accommodation.

If filming has progressed the Web has been stratospheric. What was amazing 2 years ago, is today's 'normal'.


A website is essential for every business and linking with social media is now a recommendation. We have experience in creating, developing and producing a site that suits your needs and budget.

We always recognised that visibility and reach are essential and everything we do online takes into consideration SEO requirements. We provide what's needed to be up and running with Google crawling through your site but also offer a specialised SEO service, regardless if we built the site or not.


We take care to analyse your current position, your budget, your deadlines and recommend a best fit solution of which there are several, plus we are an authorised Shopify Partner.

Clients across all services include:

• New Balance • Claire's  Debenhams  Milano • Payless • Footlocker • Guinness • Motorola • Converse • Spears Games

• Seasons Holidays • Virgin • Catchphrase​  • Mail on Sunday ​• Express Newspapers ​• British Airways ​• Alfred Dunhill Ltd ​

• Fyffes ​• Scrabble ​ HBOS ​• whowantstobeamillionaire ​... plus many many others you've never heard of.

The list goes on ...  we've even worked with Paul McCartney and Phil Collins


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